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Key Points :-

  • Access and Features: Both payment options provide full access to the system's features and capabilities.

  • Support and Maintenance: Consider including a period of free support and maintenance in the pricing, with the option for customers to extend these services for an additional fee.

  • Customization and Additional Services: Highlight if there are extra costs for customization, additional training, or advanced support.

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One-Time Payment Option

  • Price: $30,000

  • Description: Customers can opt for a one-time payment of $30,000 to purchase the system outright. This option provides permanent access to the Retail and Supermarket system, including its comprehensive suite of features such as inventory management, POS integration, customer relationship management, and analytics. The one-time payment covers the cost of the software license, initial setup, and basic training.

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Monthly Payment Plan

  • Initial Payment: None specified, but you could consider an initial down payment to lower the monthly costs.

  • Monthly Payment: $2,800 for 12 months

  • Total Cost: $2,800 x 12 = $33,600

  • Description: For customers preferring to spread out the cost, the monthly payment plan allows access to the same comprehensive system with a manageable monthly payment of $2,800 over 12 months. This plan makes the system more accessible while managing cash flow, totaling $33,600 by the end of the term.

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